Sports Specific Rehab - through Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Doing sports is fun and good for you! However, injuries can sometimes occur. Whether you pushed your body past its limit, or if you suffered from an accident, now you have an injury that needs to heal. At CORE Physical Therapy, we offer physical therapy to treat a wide range of sports injuries. We have what it takes to get you back out on the field again. At-home treatments often aren’t enough. For most injuries, you need to go to a professional in order to heal properly. That’s why CORE Physical Therapy is here to help! From soccer players with twisted ankles to runners with shin splints, our physical therapy treatments will help you recover both quickly and effectively. We help wrestlers, dancers, football players, swimmers, and every other athlete. Not every athlete is the same, and neither are their sports injuries. That’s why we adapt our services to treat you individually. If you’ve suffered from a sports injury, come to our physical therapy clinic today!

Using Exercise - McKenzie Protocols Practically every movement in the human body relies on the spine. This is why it’s understandable why back pain can be so debilitating. Back pain can prevent you from living a normal life because it can make every movement painful. It can even cause you to be bedridden until the pain lets up. If you have chronic, relentless back pain, come to CORE Physical Therapy for our physical therapy treatments. Our physical therapy services are adaptable, so we can treat everyone with minor back pain to more severe back pain. From strained muscles to sciatica, our physical therapy treatments can help you dramatically no matter where your back pain comes from. We have many years of experience in the field of physical therapy, so you can trust us to help you recover and get back on the path towards a pain-free, stress-free lifestyle! To see how we can help you with your back pain, give us a call!

Using Modalities / Exercise/ Neck Rehab to address most head/neck issues TMJ stands for “temporomandibular joint.” This joint connects your jawbone to your skull on either side. A TMJ disorder is usually some type of pain in the jaw joint and the muscles that control jaw movement. If you have a TMJ disorder, you may be experiencing pain or tenderness in your jaw, ears, and face. You may have difficulty chewing or opening and closing your mouth. Your dentist can diagnose this disorder and will usually send you to a physical therapist for TMJ therapy. At CORE Physical Therapy, we offer TMJ therapy to help your jaw heal and regain flexibility and mobility. Our physical therapy services can stretch and strengthen your jaw muscles, but we also use other things, like medications, heat or ice, or mouth guards to help your situation. If you have TMJ, come to us for TMJ therapy!

Utilizing Modalities / Exercise / Soft Tissue Mobilization / Ice Compression Therapy Surgery is meant to get you back on the path towards your everyday lifestyle. Once the surgery is done, you may want to hop out of bed right away and get on with your life. Stop! You may need post-surgical rehab to get back to normal! The body usually needs time and physical therapy to recover from surgery, so getting post-surgical rehab services at CORE Physical Therapy is one of the best things you can do to heal. At CORE Physical Therapy, we offer post-surgical rehab services to help you recover quickly yet effectively. Our physical therapy treatments help you regain strength, reduce pain, improve your range of motion and flexibility, and help you perform daily activities again. Surgery is a great way to fix physical problems, but post-surgical rehab is usually necessary afterwards to help you heal completely. Call us today to find out more about our post-surgical rehab services!

What is vestibular vertigo? The vestibular system is the parts of the inner ear and the brain that helps to control your balance and eye movements. When this system is damaged by disease, injury, or aging, it can result in vestibular vertigo. This disorder causes dizziness, imbalance, vision problems, spatial orientation, and other cognitive or psychological changes. At CORE Physical Therapy, we offer vestibular vertigo rehab to reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of vestibular vertigo. Our treatments aim to improve your balance and reduce dizziness-related problems. We adapt our treatments to your specific condition and to tackle the source of the dizziness head-on. Vestibular vertigo can affect your balance, vision, and ability to walk. But when you get vestibular vertigo rehab at our physical therapy clinic, you can regain those abilities and live a happier, dizzy-free lifestyle!